Way back when

I was Born in a place on the Scottish side of the border but we moved from there before i was 2

From there we lived in a lovely village on the west coast of Scotland called Carradale we stayed there until i was 11

and the story continues...

The picture you see at the top of my web site was taken from the place that I call home

It's a very small village called Lunga.
It's where I grew up from age 11 till I left home and went to Uni.

it's on the west coast of Scotland just a bit north west of Glasgow.
if you're interested here are a few map sites where you can find out where it is in more detail:



And from there...

It was time for me to see more of the world, so i went to Leicester - which is a place i love and it will always have a fond place in my heart


I'm currently living in Sheffield which is a pretty cool place to live
- it's nice and close to the countryside
- there are some great places to ride my bike
- it's where i work which is cool as they pay me to do a job i love :o)