Film & Music

Film stuff

My Complete DVD Collection - Follow this link for a list of my DVD collection

you will be able to see from my list that i love good Japanese films, querky films, well made action films, and most of what seem to be called the modern classics
my top ten fave directors would have to be (in no order)...

Luc Besson
Francis Ford Coppola
Ridley Scott
The Wachowski Brothers
Akira Kurosawa
Stanley Kubrick
Oliver Stone
Quentin Tarantino
Cohen Brothers
David Lynch

Film 4's Top 100 films

Some of my fave music

My Complete CD Collection - Follow this link for a list of my CD collection
(it only gets updated every so often so it's probably a little out of date LOL)

If i was to choose my top ten artists/bands of all time would have to be...

In no specific order (and I know there are more than 10, I just couldn't ignore the musical influence all these people have had on my life)

The Beatles
J.J. Cale
Tracy Chapman
Dire Straits
The Doors
Bob Dylan
Jefferson Airplane
Dr. John
Bob Marley
Tom Waits
Muddy Waters
Janis Joplin

Yeah i know i'm just a hippy at heart LOL