Just a few pics of home and me

I'll be adding to these when I get around to it :o)

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Sunset the above picture in full, my fave pic of the sun setting over the islands
A nice day in the Snow Looking out the front window, watching the horses playing in the snow
Sun on a tree a low winter sun making an atmospheric picture
Sunset in the snow That same great day in the snow - this time with the sun setting behind some trees
Me in my Kilt My best mates wedding - a very good excuse to get all dressed up
In the pub Still at my mates wedding, this time in the pub before he says those immortal words
Helmet My helmet - Dalmation ears and all
Bike 1 My Bike - Side shot
Bike 2 My Bike - Head on shot
Bike 3 Me in front of my Bike
Bike 4 Me sitting on my Bike
Bike 5 Me on my Bike, all ready to head off

While i was on holiday over the New Year I took some cool pictures take a look and see what you think :o) Fire Spinning