I love playing games, please feel free to join me :o)

I am a member on It's Your you can play all sorts of board games there
My Fave games are:

Backgammon Othello Chess BattleBoats

If you fancy playing any of these with me on-line you can find me as "Sky" it's free for everyone if you play less than 20 games and make less than 25 moves a day

Another really cool site is Neopets
It's a Virtual Pet site - you get to play all sorts games like neggsweep (minesweep clone) Merca Chase (a bit like snake) Cheat Codebreakers and tonnes of others. Playing the games wins you points that you can use to buy things for your virtual pets. I'll probably set up a page on here with a few hints and tips I've worked out on the time I've been playing
If you fancy meeting me there you can find me as " FizzyWocky" it's totally free and you get to meet my cute pets :o)

Other board game sites that are great are;
BrainKing, non-members can play up to 20 games with unlimited moves

GoldToken non-members can play up to 15 games, unlimited moves too (i'm also known as "Sky" there)
so if you want a game on there just drop me a message :o)