Web Stuff

Just a Collection of web sites i find useful and think everyone should know about LOL

It's Your Turn A great turn based board game site - i'm addicted LOL
Neopets A great virtual pet site - i'm addicted here too
IMDB Internet Movie Data Base - A really cool site with so much info, you can spend hours just browsing
Google in my humble opinion the Worlds best search engine
Babel Fish A usful little site that can translate quite a few languages
Seti@Home They are Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
UCC Universal Currency Converter
All The Web the next best search engine
Dictionary.com It does exactly what it says on the tin LOL
SFDT Stick Figure Death Theatre - if you like to see Stick Figures doing Kung Fo - it's the place to go, if you don't go anyway LOL
Gold Token Another turn based board game site
Game Driven A turn based game site with a wide variety of board games (some unique to this site) - Lots of fun and friendly community
Celebdaq A UK based site where you can trade in celebrety's popularity
allrecipies.com A lazy man's way of getting a recipie
Ugly People.COM A very childish site - i love it LOL
The Spark The home of such great tests as "the BITCH test" and "the GENDER test"
Friends Reunited A place to find all those lost souls you knew in school
AVG In my opinion the best free Anti-Virus application
ACRONYM List The Canonical Abbreviation list
Smiley List The Canonical Smiley list
Agnitum Outpost Agnitum Outpost - my fave free personal firewall
Zone Alarm Zone Alarm - another good free personal firewall
Webopedia online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology
Eudora Eudora - a pretty good Email application It's Free and it's not Microsoft!!!
Opera Opera - a pretty good web Browser It's Free and it's not Microsoft!!!
Brian King Another great turn based board game site - free for the first 20 games :o)